Ubiquiti Litebean-Elevate

Does anyone know if  can upgrade to elevate litebeam equipments?


Hello swissnet,

Lite Beam M5 cannot be "elevated".

List: http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/ePMP-Elevate/Supported-radio-list-for-Elevate/m-p/75047#M508

Only 5G and 2.4G devices in the list can be "elevated".


Hello. We have a lot of installed Lite Beam M5. Cambium plans to develop Elevate for LBE. Thank you. Ruslan.

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Hi Ruslan,

We don't have current plans to support Litebeams.\


Hi Cambium Team,

I wish you could do something on this i have around 450 Litebeams M5  Its hitting me hard to have replace with cambium sm for the clients on litebeams. This would allow me to have the budget to roll out more new pure cambium Aps & sm easily.



alguien por favor a podido degradar el firmware de litebeam 6.1.7 y elevarla a cambium