Ubiquiti new firmware 6.0.6 is trying to put stop on Elevate plans?

the release notes of the new firmware looks like Ubiquiti trying to stop Elevate plans.

6.0.6 (XM/XW/TI) Changelog / July 5, 2017

- Signed firmware support (Users are not able to downgrade below v6.0.6 unless using TFTP)

  • Upgrade libpcap to 1.8.1
  • Additional statistics for AC2 agent

Figured they would at soms point… im sure elivate took a lot of business from them.

There is a work-around at the moment... if you've already loaded 6.0.6 final onto a radio, you can load 6.0.6 beta, and then you can load 6.0.4 which will allow you to upload Elevate. You can find the beta HERE. You can find 6.0.4 HERE.

Please note that with 6.0.6 beta, UI firmware downgrades are restricted to 5.6.15, 6.0.3 and 6.0.4

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I cant download beta version.......

@Chris_Bay wrote:
im sure elivate took a lot of business from them.

The radio is already sold so it's hard to took buisness in this case but it could slow the old technology replacement. Anyway, N vs AC difference is not enough to worth changing gears but MU-MIMO could worth it.

To download the 6.0.6-beta, you first have to sign up for the beta program. Instructions on on UBNT's forums. They're giving that out as general advice, not just ot people who normally woudl try a beta.

Their best bet is to make theirs better overall lol

https://community.ubnt.com/t5/airOS-Software-Configuration/AirOS-v6-0-6-Firmware-Issues-and-Solutions-Downgrade-Path-and-XM/td-p/1996679 This will get you the beta to downgrade