Ubiquiti Poe injector compatibility


Can anyone please confirm if the original epmp 1000 SM is compatible with ubiquiti power supplies? 

I have been told they are but am not sure if this has been true from when they were originally released, or if they are only since a certan manufacture date / serial number?

These are the original ones, not the newer force 180. 

We are upgrading from older ubiquiti SMs and the epmp stock came with cambium power supplies that are not wall mountable so we would like to leave the original ubiquiti power supplies in place. 

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Opertation voltage of ePMP1000 is 12-30 VDC. The ePMP1000 power supply delivers 30VDC 500mA, where 7 and 8 contacts are + 30V, and contacts 4,5 are a return.

The UBNT power supply has an output voltage of 24VDC 1000mA. Contacts work the other way around: 7.8 - return, 4.5 is + 24V.

Theoretically, if you prepare a special cross patch, it should work. All actions are at your own risk. Most likely you will lose the warranty of Cambium.

A staff member at a cambium event said they were backward polarity compatible however i didnt get further details. 

From what i understand there is a bridge rectifier in the newer models but i am not sure about the original SM units in the epmp 1000 line, hence why i am asking. 

It looks like the force 180 is cross poe compatible but the original 1000 is not from what others have told me. 

The connectorized 5ghz cpe and the orginal 5ghz intergrated cpes are the only 2 not cross poe capable. All 2ghz cpes are, force 180 and both force 200s are.

APs can use cambium 24v poe and 48v standard poe.

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You can use the following diagram to power up Cambium units. Just check that power output matches.




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