Ubiquiti SR9 comparision with Canopy

Has anyone done a comparison between Ubiquiti’s SR9 on say Mikrotik and Canopy 900? SR9 is rated at 28dBm and Canopy at 26dBm. It seems like Canopy runs better on a marginal signal say -80 than the SR9.

I have an area I can’t quite reach with the SR9 setup I currently have. I get signal readings between -81 and -84 and it will pass data, just not reliably.

I’m wondering if I switch the radio to Canopy if the signal will improve.

Even though the SR9 is rated at a higher power I wonder if Canopy would have better NLOS performance.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Otherwise I will post my findings after the change.

If you are dealing with fringe signals and interference, canopy is going to work better. 2FSK/4FSK vs QAM techniques and BPSK is a no brainer. And Ubiquiti’s manufacturing process is suspect, although motorola has been having plenty of problems in that department lately too.