Ubiquity Competitors operating in 5600 range triggering Radar Detected Shutdown

Just wanted to give you a heads up on this issue.

We are running PMP450 APs running 13.4 operating in the 5.4 ghz frequencies.

Everything was going well until one of our competitors turned up some ubiquity gear very close to one of our towers. Sure enough, we started getting constant radar detection even as far away as 5560 on the low end. Set our gear to do a spectrum and what do we find?  (see attached image)

Someone decided to set his gear to transmit right in the middle of 5600 (probably by setting a different region code) and ends up triggering radar shut down on our gear operating close to that area.

Is there anything we can do software wise on the firmware to accomindate for scumbags? or is this jus tan FCC issue?

The airFiber 5 and 5x are approved for this band


In North America you cannot operate between 5600 and 5650 due to airport and weather radar restrictions

Actually, under the new 5 GHz rules (Part 15.407) you can get certified to operate between 5600-5650 MHz.

In fact, the 450i product has a grant which allows this (and it is functional in R14.1.2 build 8).

We are looking to get the PMP 450 re-tested and certified to do this also, but it is a few months away from this.

So it is definitely possible that other radio equipment also has a grant to operate in this band.  

Unfortunately, I think your options here are to coordinate with the other operator, or choose an alternate frequency to operate in.  It seems like there may be other options for you, based on the spectrum analysis you included above (hopefully).

Matt, Thank you

While this is great news, how will this affect PMP450 Access Points running close to that range in the 5.4 frequencies?

We have already confirmed that access points can trigger the radar detection haul in transmission, would this be an issue until a future software release?

It shouldn't affect anything.  You should continue to perform spectrum analysis to find the optimal frequencies to operate on.  We are always looking to improve the algorithms that are used to perform DFS analysis in the radio systems, and reduce impact of energy that is not actual radar systems, yet stay within the regulatory requirements of the band.

Ubiquiti equipment doesn't limit frequencies by region the way Canopy equipment does, so they have to know to turn off frequencies they aren't allowed to use.  One of our competitor's got into trouble with Industry Canada for jamming weather radar accidentally in precisely that fashion.

So it may be that they have permission to use that band, but it's equally possible that they don't have permission and don't realize that they have to turn off those frequencies.  Up here, we have a public database of licenses, so if you've got something similar you might be able to verify if they have the necessary grant.

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