Ubnt Elevate to cambuim

HI Guys, How to I can elevate Nano Beam M5 To cambium ?
And What ubnt Device Support the elevation to cambium ?

Can Someone help me.

The elevate program is now end of life (EOL) due to a legal settlement between Cambium and Ubiquity.

Really ???
:hushed: :astonished: :astonished: :flushed: :flushed:
Could you tell me what should i do now :scream:
because i have ubnt network and i change all my sectors and PTP to cambium and i don’t want use cambium CPE to end User i want use ubiquity device

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The performance of the M series UBNT radios is very poor. I’d highly recommend that you start buying Cambium ePMP clients. I assume you’re not located in the United States, as such, there are ePMP models that are lower cost that are only available outside the United States. I’d talk with your Cambium regional sales manager (RSM) and ask them if they can help you on pricing to convert your Ubiquity network over to Cambium.


Basically - giant companies had a fight and we (WISPS) are the victims. Ubiquiti doesn’t care about the end user – and Cambium didn’t plan things out well (didn’t have adequate legal advice I’d say) since when Ubiquiti sued them, they ended up ‘ceasing and desisting’. So - net results is Ubiquiti ‘wins’ and wisp lose.

yes am not in United States,
I would be very grateful if you could do this , because the ePMP cost is very high Compared to our currency and No customer can afford the high cost of the device, knowing that I target individuals

This is a big problem , You should know that I transferred all the old network devices to cambium devises and Before I did this I had read about ubiquity elevate And now I surprises The elevate program is now end of life due to a legal settlement :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
(what i can do now !!?? )

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You can find EOS policy details on the following page:

Thank you.