UBNT Litebeam 120 Sector Product?

Hi all,

I'd be interested to know if anyone here that uses UBNT products in their networks, whether they find the Litebeam 120 degree mini sector a valuable product and, importantly, if you'd find a Cambium equivalent a great addition to the portfolio?

We use the Force 180s as low-cost access points in very short-range applications, however, having the Force 180 designed as a 120-degree sector in a compact form factor would be a "killer product" for us and would tip the balance for us of using more Cambium in place of the UBNTs.

Right now, using Cambium leaves us with a bulky and expensive epmp2000+sector, or a less expensive but still bulky epmp1000 (that sadly only has a 100 meg Ethernet interface). But the size and weight means we can't use them on many properties in rual areas as we operate in conservation areas or AONBs that just don't allow the installation of big ugly radio equipment.

Anyone else share my views?

~ Dudley

Pretty much all of the older UNBT antennas and the LiteBeam 120 are not designed with GPS sync and back to back frequency reuse in mind. If you look at the LiteBeam's RF pattern, it's pretty dirty with a lot of bleed out the back of the antenna. The Cambium antennas are designed with excellent front to back characteristics and are designed for GPS sync and back to back. ALSO, if you're going to use the BSA on the 2000, it's best that you use the OEM antenna because it's designed to be used with it. If you use a 3rd party antenna with the 2000 and the BSA, the result can be unpredictable.

Why not just use RF elements horns? They have great front to back ratios so you can still do GPS sync if you need to and very predictable coverage patterns. They're very compact and well built, and come in a variaty of beamwidths, from 30deg up to 90deg. 

Lastly, if you're using the ePMP 1000 GPS, that has a gig-e port on it along with better processing power. For AP's, we always use the GPS versions even if we're not doing GPS sync, just for the gig-e port and extra processing power.


The RF elements horns are pretty awesome as far as no side lobes and I think 30dB front to back ? No 120° option though and at 90° only like 10dBi or something ? 

Really wish cambium had some stuff stuff more usable for micro pops. Something like those little 14dBi quad panel omni AP's Mimosa has.

Have you considered the small UBNT titanium sector paired with a ePMP 1000 or 2000 radio?  It's shorter than the litebeam sector and has much better patterns.  Spec sheet claims 35db FTB ratio, too.