Ubuntu 20.10


I was just informed by my IT Dept that the OS for our CnMaestro server is out of date. They were about to update this to 22.xx, I have stopped them for now. The question is does Cambium plan to upgrade the next ova (3.2.0) to a current version of Ubuntu or is there a path to update OS for security conscious entities?

Thanks in advance

Asked a similar question about the cnMaestro 2.x line and Cambium waited until a month before Ubuntu was out of support to release the new image of 3.x and they still only updated it to 18.04. Very disappointing.

Regardless, what Ubuntu version is your cnMaestro version showing? I would not recommend upgrading manually because I have found it to break cnMaestro. Also, make sure your IT department is not misunderstanding the Ubuntu support cycle:
Ubuntu generally does not release server side upgrade until the .1 release of an LTS is available.

Hi David Elliott – the on-premises version of 3.2.0 is currently undergoing regression testing (prior to release). It supports Ubuntu 20.04.

Thank you for all the replies, attached is a screenshot of the offending message.

we are showing ubuntu 20.10 and the end of updates for the production version was discovered while IT was working to deploy new monitor agents across the network. I would like to think that the IT manager would understand the release cycle of software.

Does Cambium plan to release an updated OS version before the EOL of 7/23 for the current version of 20.10? I am looking to keep my IT Dept. happy-ish

Again thank you for the information.

Did the IT department update the Cambium image? Typically Cambium tries to stick to the LTS (Long Term Support) version of Ubuntu, which the IT department also should do. Otherwise situations like this arise.

When should we expect the 3.2 release? That is quite a large upgrade for a minor release version.

20.04 is supported by Ubuntu until April 2025. The cnMaestro On-Premises 3.2.0 release is currently in testing, and we expect it to release before early January.

@Rob it is almost February. We have been waiting for 3.2 On-Prem Maestro for a long time. Bugs for false PPPoE tunnel WiFi error and MSP account creation issues and support for 820/850 PtP Edge Server specifically. I don’t even see Beta release under software downloads.