ugps power and sync with 450i

Is it ok to power the ugps with the ext power port and with the 450i power port so you can get the ugps stats and have a backup power source.  I only get reciever info when powering from the 450i.  I also tried with the same sync cable to power with the ext port and see if I would get reciever info but you only get timing.  Is it ok to power from all ports, will both 450i aps get reciver info (that is just a bonus question)  Thanks, Craig.

The UGPS is supposed to output receiver data, no matter the method of providing power.  We will verify this behavior, and get back to you.

If you're using the UGPS to provide sync to 2 PMP 450i APs, you need to use the AC Power Supply.  There is some flaky behavior if you have 2 APs connected and try to utilize power from the AP itself.

Proper configuration is the AC PSU, and ensure the "Power to UGPS" settings on both radios are switched off.

Interesting, I only seem to get receiver info when i power from the 450i aux port using the brown and blue wires.  When i disable the ugps power and just use the ugps 30v power source i don't get receiver info on the 450i.  So was expecting it to work just like you said receiving receiver info with or without 450i power, I will play with it some more tomorrow.  Thanks, Craig.

Here are my settings,   upgs power disabled i get no receiver info, if I power with ugps and no 30v I get info.  

CANOPY 15.0.3 AP-None
Sync Input :
AutoSyncAutoSync + Free RunGenerate Sync
Power Port Sync Type :
Free Run Before GPS Sync :
Device Type :
Verify GPS Message Checksum :
Sync Output to Aux Port :
UGPS Power :

Here is the wire i used.

Pins and Functions


450i Aux Port Pin (RJ-45)

UGPS Sync Port Pin (RJ-12)

UGPS Power



Rx GPS Data






1PPS Sync



Sync Pulse Source :
Timing Port/UGPS
Sync Pulse Status :
Receiving Sync
Sync Pulse Status - Timing Port/UGPS :
Receiving Sync
Sync Pulse Status - Power Port :
No Sync
UGPS Power Status :
Power Off
GPS Receiver
GPS Receiver Information :
Acquiring GPS Information...

Note: If this is a Remote AP, then GPS data is unavailable.

Craig - I just got some feedback from engineering, and I was incorrect.

In order to receive the UGPS data, the power MUST be enabled on the AP.  The good news is that this will not affect performance or reliability of the UGPS itself.  Therefore, if you have 2 APs connected to a UGPS, you have two options that will work to give you sync and data on both ports.

Option 1) Ensure the "Enable Power to UGPS" option is Enabled on both APs.

Option 2) Ensure the "Enable Power to UGPS" option is Enabled on both APs, and use the N000900L001B external AC PSU for the UGPS.

In either case, the UGPS will work and provide data to the the APs.

Sorry for the confusion on this one.