Unable to access the Subscriber link from the "Session Status List" of an access point

We have several AP’s on our network and within the last few months, I noticed that I’m unable to follow the link from the “Session Status List” of the access point to gain access to the subscriber module after installation to finalize some minor configuration details (like adding contact info and a static IP).
I had a look in the 450 Platform User Guide and found a note that reads:

“The MAC is a hot link to open the interface to the
SM/BHS. In some instances, depending on network
activity and network design, this route to the interface
yields a blank web page. If this occurs, refresh your
browser view.”

… which is pretty much what I’ve been experiencing - I would get an “about:blank#blocked” page from Chrome or Edge and clicking the link would yield no response in IE or Firefox. Refreshing the page doesn’t seem to do anything.

This issue occurs on all the SM’s on a given AP but not all AP’s exhibit the same problem. I’ve created a spreadsheet to try tracking the problem to find any commonalities that may exist, but so far… no luck. Rebooting the AP seems to work on a couple I’ve tried, but that approach is really impractical as an ISP - we’d have to interrupt service for all customers on the problem AP, and this fix seems to be only temporary.

I’ve dug into the code of the page and discovered that the hyperlinks might point to the source of the problem. On the AP’s that work, the hyperlink looks like:

whereas, hyperlinks on the problem AP’s look like this:

So… it appears there is a stutter in the code… lol, but I’m not sure why.

Any thoughts or help you could provide on the matter would be amazing!


Hi Terry, welcome to the community. Another user reported this yesterday and a fix should be coming in an upcoming beta:

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Thanks Simon for the prompt reply!

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