Unable to configure 256-bit Key on CnArcher 1.1.16

Unable to configure 256-bit Key AES on CnArcher 1.1.16.

On previous version of CnArcher works properly.

The error:
I write my 32 characters key on PSK Security Settings but there is appears this message:

"Validation Error, provide valid custom 256-BitKey"

If I write a key minor 16 characters, the CnArcher saves key properly.

Kind regards

@Telemar, thank you for highlighting this bug.  It will be fixed in the cnArcher 1.2 release.

cnArcher should allow up to 16 hex characters for the 128-bit key and up to 64 characters for the 256-bit key.  Currently, both are incorrectly being restricted to a length of 15 hex characters.


Thank you Emilio!

@Telemar, the cnArcher version 1.2.4 beta release is available.  This isssue has been resolved.  Please let us know if it's working smoothly now.

cnArcher version 1.2 Release notes


Hi Emilio!
I've already installed it and it works well.
Thank you so much

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