Unable to download firmware after fresh install

I'm getting "Error downloading manifest: Download error: Unable to resolve host cnaracher.cloud.cambiumnetworks.com": No address.

Is this a known issue? The app is unusable in this state since we can't download firmware images.

I have forwarded this to our support and development teams

I am having the same issue but only on Android. IOS works fine. See attached screenshot.

@jw1  and @Jonathan Sulger, can you clarify what version of cnArcher Android you are encountering this problem on?  The current version of cnArcher Android on the Play Store is version 1.2.10 and has not been updated for quite some time.


@jw1  and @Jonathan Sulger, the problem has been resolved.  Can you please confirm that it is working for you now?  When you navigate to either the "PMP Software Image" or "ePMP Software Images" screen to download a particular image, click on the REFRESH icon in the top-right corner of the screen.  It will download the latest list of software images.

Thank you.