Unable to fully WiFiPerf between Pilot & on-prem Maestro

I'm trying to perform WiFi performance testing using on-prem Maestro and a series of Pilot501S APs. Maestro in an HA configuration and the AP's maestro url is set to the HA url and not the primary's url. Is this correct or should the maestro url be the primary host's url?

Maestro 2.3.2-r7
Pilot 3.11.4-r9

Maestro and Pilots have been up and running for weeks with the WiFiPerm Daemon up for weeks as well.

Our on-prem Maestro is behind a firewall but I've opened up the Primary, Secondary & HA IP to an allow unrestricted access between it and the test APs. The APs are not behind a firewall.

I can successfully link test between AP's using their Wi-Fi Perf Speed Test in both directions and udp & tcp.

From Maestro, I can Downlink TCP test to an AP but not via UDP and neither of the Uplink tests work.

Here are my test scenarios and results:

Downlink UDP

Result - I get a red pop-up asking me to verify that the WiFiPerf Daemon option is enabled and to wait 2 to 3 minutes.

From the Maestro terminal, using TCPDUMP, I can see 10k+ stream of IP packets that takes a few minutes to clear the buffer.

Uplink TCP
Result - Could not connect tx to rx station via tcp and a window asking to enable WiFiPerf Daemon.

From the Maestro terminal, using TCPDUMP, the Maestro Primary IP establishes a TCP session with the AP and then the AP tries to establish a TCP connection to the HA IP, and never gets a SYN, ACK back from the HA IP. Two TCP retransmissions later and the AP FIN's the initial TCP with the Primary IP.

Uplink UDP
Results - Could not connect tx to rx station via tcp and a window asking to enable WiFiPerf Daemon.

From the terminal, roughly the same as with the Uplink TCP test, the AP tries to make a connection to the HA IP. I'm suspecting that the test is setup via TCP and then conducted via UDP? There were only TCP packets exchanged between the AP & Maestro.



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Hi Sean,

Could you please tell whether your cnMaestro server is running with 2 ports (eth0 and eth1) or single port. Also could you please check cnMaestro IP address is pingable from your AP.

We tried Wifi-perf locally in our test HA system which is running with Single port in 2.3.2-r7, We couldn't reproduce the issue.

Hi Sridhar,

2 ports (ETH0 & ETH1) and an HA IP on both pairs of interfaces, our primary maestro:

root@cnmaestro-209-112-x-x:~# ip -br a
lo               UNKNOWN ::1/128
eth0           UP                     209.112.x.x/28 209.112.x.y/28
eth1           UP                     10.0.x.x/28 10.0.x.y/28

Yes, I can ping the outside primary, secondary and HA address from the APs.

I can supply tcpdumps of Maestro, desktop share, etc... 


Hi Sean,

WifiPerf feature will not work in 2 port environment. This will be addressed in future releases. 

For WifiPerf to work, AP's should be pingable from cnMaestro. In case of 2 port environment, AP's will not be pingable from cnMaestro. We will be addressing it in future releases.

Sridhar P