Unable to get dhcp to clients devices


New guy here so sorry for the probably Junior questions :

4 each E410's right out of the box and working after set up 

Fortinet 30E giving out network dhcp addresses

4 each E410's in place with static IP addresses

When I log into the SSID , I do not get an IP Address form the DHCP server 

Gateway : to the Fortinet 30E 

I also get a no internet connection on my phone after logging in !

dns is

No DHCP Helper or anything else ( default settings )

I did the preliminary set up for the AP's on the network , ip address subnet default gateway




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Could you please share AP techsupport dump via email: pvsr.gupta@cambiumnetworks.com

Access Point GUI: Operations >> Download Tech Support

sharing, wlan vlan and ethernet port vlan configurations shall help in diagnosing the issue 

Good Morning ,

Thank You for the reply . 

I will be onsite this am around 09:00 AM east coast US . and will gather the required info !



God Morming !

I love the Maestro program !

After sitting in my office , I set up the Maestro account and whoa and behold , the 3 ( One has a dup IP Address I will resolve on site later today ) AP's showed up after adding the serial numbers !

Latest code was just applied as it was running 3.8 ? out of the box brand new . 

2 configs : = configuration  Base = configuration 1 Client 

Note : Client - Dup IP address offline Client 

All 3 of the clients are programmed exactly the same !

Thank You Gents !

Look forward to resolving my dumb mistakes !




we can see wlan profiles for mesh base and mesh client. we don't see any wlan profile for wireless clients to connect it. the clients or wried clients or wireless clients. 

it will be great if you can share the ap techdump for these 2 aps. you can download ap techdump from cnMaestro (screen capture is attached)

I just got them up and running yesterday afternoon ( 4 blue lights and passing traffic ) as I recreated 2 of them as one had a dup static IP address and the other was lost in DHCP land . I have them up on Maestro in generic config as My plan today is to review and update them . I used Maestro to upgrade to the latest code as well as I will review building a template and re installing the template on the units for management purposes and ease of use ( learning curve as I go here to the E410 ) , also 2 Need static IP addresses assigned and an SSID change  was asked for last night as well .  I disabled the 2.4g network as they will never use them . My plan today is to review the set up , install a guest network and make sure that everyone is logging in to the correct ap's etc.  

One issue I DO see is no clients logged in . I know its early but I saw that last nite as well . Is there something I need to set up or is it just that 5 minute rule where the clients must be logged in for 5 minutes or they won't show up ? 

Thx for the response 



The config onsite is set up for Wlan basic info as the SSID and other variables were configured . 

I assume after I build a template , it will push it out to the ap's ? And I will lose my current ap config onsite , correct ? 

Then I will see the new config in Maestro ?

Yes, once you push the config from cnMaestro, AP current config will be overritten with cnMaestro based config. The "etc.zip" is not a complete techsupport dump. Please share the complete techsupport dump after pushing the config from cnMaestro.