Unable to log in to ePMP1000 after reset

Hello, I have an antenna type ePMP1000_e8c6f2 When I reset the device, it cannot be opened with the original password

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Clear the history/cache from your internet browser or try with a different internet browser.

Depending how you reset it, You may have opted to keep the custom username and password. So you might want to try the previous user/pass as well as the default ones.

You also might want to try to make sure that you’re connecting the correct SM.

And, then like everybody else said, ePMP is famous for caching incorrect or stale information in the browser cache. So you can either 1) clear your browser cache. 2) use a different browser. 3) use incognito mode.

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yes i also have one,after reset cant be loged in using default user name and password but opens using installer account and cant be cofigured as ap again.

While you can’t directly change some things logged in as installer, unless it has been changed in recent versions of software you can upload a conifg file to the radio with whatever settings you desire (including changing the admin password).


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