Unable to login or change settings

We have 3 PMP430’s as APs and 6 as SMs. The configuration has been the same for years and is working. Unfortunately, we need to make some changes to the IP configuration and SNMP configurations and one of the SMs will not take any username/password combination we have thrown at it. I’ve attempted to change the settings through OnePoint, but it fails. It doesn’t give a reason why it fails, it just appears as though it’s making the changes, and then shows complete, but failed. It appears that the best way to make the changes is to reset the login credentials on the SM and make the changes through the SM, so, my question is, what is the easiest way to get into this SM and reset the password without resetting it to factory defaults and programming it all over again? Since we don’t have a backup config for it, we’d have to start from scratch and it’s a node that we can’t have down for very long.

With the one SM not taking changes, you may visit the SM locally, insert a default plug and access it via the IP Once you get in via the default plug you may change the IP address, SNMP community string, and/or username/password then save changes. Remove the default plug and reboot the radio. It should then have the new settings.