unable to login to VPN

Hope someone can help. New customer to broadband & need to be able to login to my server through vpn but I believe my ISP has the port closed. I live in a very rural part of SD & was very excited to get rid of dial up but am discouraged since I cannot work from home! I’ve tried contacting him to ask him to open the port but he won’t return my calls! Is there anything I can do on my own?

If you had service from the same provider both at home and at your server’s location then firewall and NAT issues might not affect you, even using private IP addresses.

Another option would be to see if your provider can supply a public IP address for use at your home.

Your ISP is going to hold the key. Keep hounding them.

Thanks for the input…turns out my ISP has the port open but still having issues…not sure who’s in charge there but it’s not a good feeling when I think I may be more on top of things than them!

If the type of VPN you are trying to log into is PPTP and your Subscriber Modem has NAT turned on, then you will not be able to login to your VPN. Most standard Linksys or Microsoft VPN connections are PPTP. Most HP, IBM, Intel, UNIX, AT&T, and other VPN connections are L2TP and work fine with the SM.

Good luck

In ALL cases of people having problems with VPN, VOIP, FTP sites, and with most games, I have found the simplest solution-turn off NAT on the SM. So far as of yet, it has solved 99% of all the problems, and was part of the solution for the other 1%. There you have it. Check with your ISP if NAT is on and get them to turn it off. They may make you pay for a static IP though. Anyway, good luck!