Unable To Port Forward

Hi there,

I'm trying to port forward port 25565 on my cnPilot R201P router but I'm having trouble. http://canyouseeme.org/ cannot see my open port, and nobody can connect to my server.

I've added the port in both the port forwarding and virtual servers section of the router settings but nothing works. I've rebooted and everything. What am I doing wrong? 

Port Forward Tab:

Router Info:

Router Info


You'll probably have to do what I did and call your wireless ISP and lease a static public IP. With that you can port forward to your server.

I have had the same problem. Turns out my wireless ISP installed new hardware and made config changes to hide all customer IP's. This was to add extra security but at the expense of blocking ports.

My ISP has offerred to put me on a fixed IP outside their firewalls. Not sure how the exposes us to hacking etc so not sure if I am going to do it.

I did not see port forwarding and virtual servers  issue on R201 Platform in 4.3.2-R2(201704120328) image.

Please send the configuration of device(Email Id : niraj.mahapatra@cambiumnetworks.com)

For reference , I have attached screen capture  of router GUI and Network topology diagram .

Darkhawx, who is your ISP?