Unable to recover E500

I need reset a cnPilot E500 but reset botton not work. Both, power led and net led, blink in green and orange permanently. Any ideas if it can be recovered?


Please follow below power sequence to factory reset device:

It does not respond to this way of doing the reset. Power Led Blink green and Net led blink orange and not change.


Could you please confirm if you are able to access it via IP or Zeroconf IP (169.254.x.y).

Where X is decimal value of 00:11:22:33:XX:77 ethernet MAC address

Where Y is decimal value of 00:11:22:33:44:YY ethernet MAC address

I have no link on the ethernet port. We change the POE injector and the patch cords. The AP does not boot.

But LED state you have mentioned does indicate device is booted.

Please try accessing device via eth2.

No access from eth2. Nio link.

Is their any SSID configured? If yes, could you please connect SSID and try to access device via Zero Conf IP.

Very bad, not SSID configured. ( no link in eth1, no link in eth2, not responding reset procedure with reset button and POE options)

If your device is still under warranty, could you please raise support ticket.

They will help you with next steps.