Unauthenticated alignment page

When deploying pmp100 I remember we could do something like and get to the align page.  I don't feel like this is any sort of security risk.  I would love to be able to do this on epmp for our techs that don't need access to the account.

I know there is a read only user but I would much prefer opening up a laptop and going to for our devices (watches, phones, laptops, etc).

Ideally we could do something like with simply RSSI (like the text on the home page) too for slower/older/smaller devices


have a look at the cnarcher app 


not exactly what you requested, but may be helpful. 

Still doesn't work for ePMP.  Only works with defaulted PMP.  It's been 13+ months since it was shown off at Wispapalooza 2017.