Unauthorized access in canopy

Hello all,
Newbie here from Nepal. Have been wondering if anyone who has access to SM can access AP. Of course he would need to know network configurations etc. Checking AP status would indicate which SM is connected. Any thoughts? Sorry if my question is silly!! :slight_smile:

if they know what they are doing yes… but like you said they would need to know abit about canopy and the configuration which isn’t hard to get

to make it little more difficult you can use vlans and put the MVID on a diff vlan to 2, but you need to know what you are doing or you will loose access to it, no anyone trying to gain unauthorised access will need to know more information and also more technical knowledge,

To make it completely failsafe so no unauthorised access can be gained you need to you prizm and BAM, and configure accordingly

thanks for your reply; it was indeed helpful.

Prizm and BAM very expensive :frowning: .

I agree with you, but with the headache it takes away, and increases the efficiency its more then worth it (for us anyway).

Alternatives increase the number of systems that need to be maintained, so in the long run I don’t think it is expensive.

Currently there is prizm offer as well :roll:

I think…you are right…

yes they are doing an ISP in a box which is working out brilliant for us