Unblock Blocked Client

Hey Guys,

I blocked a client inside cnMaestro on a E600 unit. I cannot find anywhere to unblock this client. Any ideas? I can't even see it in the list.


Its my understand that your just sending a deathentication message to the client. They are not actually blocked, the client device will likely reconnect to another nearby AP or reconnect in a short while.

If you want to perminantly block a device you can do this by entering the MAC address on the ACL (Access control list).

And where pay tell is that ACL?

Assuming you are using cnMaestro go to the WLAN - Configuration - Access control

Once there you can add a MAC Address by clicking add new under the MAC Authentication.


Block client should be called something else. Like Kick.

Assuming that you blocked the client by clicking on the block action in the client list, you can unblock it by going to configuration->association ACL and deleting the client entry from there.

Note that the block only takes effect if your WLAN's Access Control -> MAC authentication -> Policy setting is configured as 'cnMaestro'.

And this is indeed a 'block' and not a temporary deauth.