Unbrick epmp1000 via SPI reflash?

Hello everyone, and sorry for my bad english , im from argentina, and have to repair a lot of ePmP1000 radios, those are all software bricked, via spi flash programming i can determine that the problem is software and not the boards, i´ve dumped a bin from a working unit and flashed to all dead ones, and the radios  came alive, but, obviously, the problem is that  a lot of epmp´s  with same mac adress on lan/wan interfaces cant´t work together on same network, i tried changing macs with hexadecimal editor( considering mac printed on equipment casing, but when i do this, i can log onto web managing interface, until device register onto ap,after this, all comunication to device (web,ping,ssh) is lost, and there is  no way to get it back, only reboot by unpowering the board, and the same story repeats until  SM is paired to AP. Anyone knows what i have to do to bring back to life these sm units ? i know that these are not intended for repair, but i have some electronics and computing skills and the price of the equipment is  pretty high for simply discard those,  thanks for spend time reading this , Bye 

If you did a full reflash of the whole 8MB, you rewrote the u-boot and u-boot-config partitions, the kernel and system partitions, and (the bigger problem), the ART partition, where the MAC addresses are stored, along with radio calibration data.

If you did not back-up every "bad" unit before overwriting this part of the flash, you lost this calibration data, and altough the operating system will boot, the radios (The radio-frequency part ) will not work correctly.

This calibration must be done in a factory environment, wit special equipment and software, without it you're in deep trouble.

Check this page for more info, focus on "Example 1", of a Atheros based TP-link device with 8MB of flash


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Are you saying it can be flash?


 Can I get the Programm with which I can flash it.