Unconnected PoPs

In a multi-PoP network, PoPs must be able to exchange openR packets either on wired or wireless path. Otherwise, DNs/CNs might not receive the IPv6 address allocation and do not onboard to E2E Controller. The reason is: Controller sends the Prefix Allocation message to one of the PoPs and expects the message to reach other PoPs through openR.

In some cases, PoPs might be isolated temporarily, especially while building the network. Below figure is an example that shows two unconnected zones.


To facilitate such a scenario, a new configuration parameter flags.enable_pop_prefix_broadcast has been introduced in this release. This parameter supports the following Boolean values:

  • true - When the value of this parameter is set to true, E2E Controller sends the prefix allocation message to all PoPs individually.

  • false -When the value of this parameter is set to false, E2E Controller sends the prefix allocation message to one of the PoPs.

The default value of this parameter is false.

flags.enable_pop_prefix_broadcast parameter can be modified from E2E Controller tab as shown below



What are the possible consequences if the configuration parameter flags.enable_pop_prefix_broadcast is not set back to false when the path is restored between the PoP nodes? We might be looking at a related issue at the moment, so just want to rule this out.

It is important … because … ??? What happens ?

We checked in the lab, did not see adverse effects of this flag being enabled after the path between pops is restored. However, if there is path, enabling the flag is not necessary.

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