Understanding the Sub Menu on Tools Menu.

Hello Support Team,

Please I need your assistance to understand some terms on the Tools menu on the Cambium interface. Their uses and applications.

Example; Tools > Software Upgrade: Uses and where to apply it.

Tools > Backup / Restore: Uses and where to apply it. 


Attached below is the screen shot from the Tools menu.

Hello Support,

Can someone help me on the above subject please? Or refer me to any article or link that explains the subject better.

Many thanks.

Software Upgrade is to ...well...upgrade the software. If you are on say software version 2.6.2 and the newest release is 3.5.2, you download 3.5.2 and upgrade the unit.

Backup/Restore is to backup and restore settings. Once you have a unit programmed the way you want it, you save it as a "backup" file. If you have to replace the unit in the future, you take that file and "restore" all of its settings to the new unit. 

This (ePMP manual) may help you.

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