Unsuccesful boot up of three Try-Fi promo E400s

I have received recently three E400 devices purchased under the Try-Fi promotion. Unfortunately all of them cannot boot up successfuly. The power LED does not change to green any time after powering up. The GUI at default IP shows the  login frame, however after typing in default user and password, after the Enter key, the frame reappears again with dots in password line. The count of dots is less than the number of characters of default password. I suspect the boot software is corrupted inside. How to load the boot software and where to get it from?

Are you able to SSH to the AP? (ssh to the default IP of and login with 'admin' and password 'admin')

No, I have not tried this way. I used http only. What to do if ssh will work? (Devices are now not with me)

If the device is accessible over SSH it will drop you to a CLI from where you can upgrade firmware. Please download the latest software image (version 2.0-r48) from the support site (support.cambiumnetworks.com) onto a TFTP or FTP server, then from the CLI you can initiate upgrade using the 'upgrade' command.

cnWest-E400(config)# upgrade tftp:// verbose
Starting firmware file download
Downloaded 15071032 byte firmware file
Starting upgrade
Upgrading rootfs image on mtdblock7
Upgrading kernel image on mtd6
Upgraded successfully to 2.0-r48

cnWest-E400(config)# reload

Also, does the AP continue to be reachable when the GUI is not responsive? ie. are you able to ping it on that IP address (& IP has not changed later, by the AP receiving it from a DHCP server)?

All of the E-400s I have received appear to not boot up properly.  I had one IT associate think he had a defective unit but I got it working for him.   You have to follow the directions on the hard to peel of red sticker and get into the radio and install the latest software.  If you are getting to the log in screen and user: admin and PW: admin doesn't work then maybe you do have a problem.

This way using telnet or ssh these Try-Fi promo E400 access points are accessible, and it is possible to upgrade them using tftp or ftp as Firefly adviced. It can be done without a device's access to Internet. Then the E400 behaves as it should according to manual.

Originally, the cnPilot E400 promo devices with red stickers are shipped with software version 1.5-a8, and at this version the Power LED does not change from orange colour to green after boot, and the GUI behaves wrong (as described earlier), which appears together as problem with unsuccessful boot-up.

There is however a way to omit all these efforts if the E400 promo unit will be connected to the network with DHCP and access to Internet. The only one thing to do is to read the serial number from the E400 box or a factory label on it, and type it into cnMaestro Operate>Onboard devices>Claim tab window. Then power off and on the device, and after some tens of seconds this device should become visible in Onboard tab Status column as green and Awaiting for approval. In the meantime the software on device will be automatically upgraded, which results in short loss of IP communication because of reboot. After all this the device is upgraded to the latest software version and can be approved and thus onboarded. 

This all is easy and convenient, however the manual is somewhat misleading regarding the Power LED colours, and http access (I used Chrome) GUI behaves abnormally until the software will be upgraded.

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I'm having this issue too.

Light stays organge (as mostly expected on old firmware), device does not get a DHCP IP and it's not accessible on or 169.254.X.X (where X.X is the Hex->Decimal IP)

Also on the other unit I have, I'm not getting mrer than 20mpbs over 5GHz, I'm wondering if I've got a couple of faulty units.

Follow the way using tftp or ftp if you cannot use DHCP and Internet access. I used FileZilla server on my PC, the E400 is the client.