Unusual CPU Usage in PTP 550

The main AP of our wireless backhaul [PTP 550] shows processor usage of 99-100%. It also shows around full [100%] Usage from 10 AM-5 PM when the traffic is high. And we are starting to think that PTP 550 may not be able to handle such real-time traffic and it's only around [ 250-300 Mbps ].

I have forwarded this to the support and development teams.

Hi Sid,

After reviewing the support ticket, it seems like there is an external interference close to the radio which reduces RSSI which in turn reduces the modulation level. Our support team will take a deeper look and provide analysis.



We were also thinking the same but after setting a fixed MCS level to 7 which is best for the spectrum with the required RSSI levels we still observed the same issue. And the other thing is that the PTP 550 which I am talking about it a local PTP 550 Connected to a switch through Gigabit POE but we still observe the loss in the local device when we ping through the day time [ 10 AM- 5 PM ]. After doing lots of observation and tests and not getting proper results asap from the support we are looking for answers in the forum. These devices are being used in live network so we want this issue resolved soon.