Upcoming CBRS release

On April 15 SAS Administrators will start protecting PAL licenses for operators who won them during the recent FCC auction. All GAA devices operating in a channel that becomes protected by the SAS due to PAL activation, and who are not the actual PAL owner, will have their grants terminated. To significantly help with this transition, Cambium will be releasing next week (April 6th) radio software release 20.2 and cnMaestro 3.0.2. For CBRS customers, it is HIGHLY recommended to upgrade both your device software and cnMaestro (if using on-prem) and to convert existing grants from “single grant” to “multiple grants” ahead of the April 15 deadline. This training video explains the new features and how they help with the PAL transition scenario:


Can you clarify if this is the 20.2 release as reported or the 20.1 that was released on 4/6(today)

This presentation refers to the R20.2 release.

Thank you, and 20.2 is expected to be released today?

The Beta Release is scheduled for tomorrow.

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If things go well with the Beta, we are expecting to release R20.2 officially next week.


If we are using cnMaestro cloud is there a way to get 3.0.2 beta on cloud?

Yes. The cnMaestro cloud update to 3.0.2 has already started on a large percentage of existing clous accounts, and is expected to be fully rolled out to all accounts within the next day or so. Also its an official release… not a beta.

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When will the ova be released for install on prem?

Ah, so that’s a good question! First thing to know is that the on-prem release is actually a patch release, and must be applied to an on-prem that is running 3.0.0 release that is available on our Support site now. If it’s not already there, please plan to update your current on-prem to 3.0.0 first. then the 3.0.2 patch release is planned to be posted to our support site on Monday.

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