Upcoming Form 477 Changes and BDC collection! Important information for ALL WISP's in the USA!

Hey folks, some of you may not be aware but there are major changes coming to how form 477 data is submitted. Starting with this years September 1st submission , the FCC now requires a whole lot more data to be submitted, and a certified PE (or someone with 10+ years experience in wireless design) to sign off (AND BE LIABLE), along with additional scrutiny of that data (random and consumer driven audits) by both the FCC and consumers that may result in fines for overstating coverage areas. Cambium has a webinar tomorrow that goes over these regulatory changes and how operators can start getting ready now to have their filings ready for that Sept 1st deadline. THE WEBINAR IS TOMORROW! DON’T MISS IT! https://go.cambiumnetworks.com/l/428442/2022-06-27/4qgdjr