Update 60GHz cnWave with cnMaestro Cloud

A client installed cnWave points last summer and while dealing with another issue I have determined they need a software update. This client like all clients wants less than minimal downtime. I have read the post on here about updating with on-prem cnMaestro but what I am trying to find is:

  1. How does the update process change when using cnMaestro Cloud
  2. Is the update process a one-at-a-time process, or all at once; how the update process works
  3. What would I be looking at in terms of downtime, there are 13 radios across the network

Maybe I am just not searching for the right thing, thanks for all the help in advance.



Welcome to the community!

If you have an external E2E controller, you start by updating the controller with a package (downloaded from the support.cambiumnetworks.com site) Use cnMaestro…

Then you update the firmware to the same version on all your DN’s and CN’s. You can do them all at once.

For the onboard E2E controller, the process is a bit different. You don’t have to do the E2E controller separately…just upgrade all your devices together…

Hope this helps…


Thank you, we are using the onboard E2E. If I am looking at this correctly the onboad will download the update on its own and I don’t have to download it first.

Hello Jason,

The onboard E2E is part of the DN download, so updating the POP will update the that onboard E2E, you don’t have to do this separately.

Please note there is a stable 1.3 Beta 1 I would recommend, A number of our largest networks are already running this, the official 1.3 release is coming after the holidays.

I would advise the update is done in a maintenance period, it should take ~10mins

Thank you, I have a feeling by the time my client picks the downtime window 1.3 will be out! Can you go from 1.2.1 to 1.3 or will I need to step up the updates to get to the 1.3 update?

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