Update config fialed in R201 Log.

I see this in my R201 log.  Any idea what is wrong?

<Sun May 28 11:19:33 2017> provision[12696]: start to check config file
<Sun May 28 11:19:33 2017> provision[12696]: Update configuration fialed, retry 3600 s later

And it does retry 3600 seconds later.


Error messages  are observed if device  provision is failed  due to TFTP  auto provision with  DHCP option 66.

User may get this  error  due to below reasons.

  1. TFTP Server is not reachable from device.
  2. Device configuration file is not available correct locations  or device configuration file  is not available in TFTP Server.
  3. Device config file name  is not correct as per  device configuration.