Update FW from 4.1.3 on PMP100?

I recently purchased a lot of new P9 PMP100 SMs (old but new) that are all running FW version 4.1.3. I tried updating them via CNUT, but receive the error: "No programmable elements found". The element type is listed as "Generic".

Can anybody shed some light on this?

Wow, that's really old firmware, you're going to have to step up to an intermediate release in order to put anything new on there. I believe you'll need 7.3.6 to enable hardware scheduling, and then I believe you can step up to the latest (and last release for PMP100) 13.4.1.

The 7.3.6 firmware release doesn't appear to be available on Cambium's support/downloads area any more. If you do a google search for 'CANOPY736_DES' you'll find some 3rd parties that are hosting this file.

Follow these instructions:

1. In CNUT discover the SM.
2. refresh the SM to make sure CNUT is talking to them
3. select all SM's to be changed
4. In CNUT select Tools/Configure Advantage scheduler/check selected network elements and ok.
5. In the pop up select 7.3.6 software
6. apply config, hardware scheduling, propagate, active. (don't forget to check box the element!)
7. The screen should say it found elements if so
8. run now , It will set them to hardware mode
9. Upgrade software on SM's to latest version

Thanks for your reply!

I shoul've mentioned this, but I do have 7.3.6 already, and I've gone through the process of hardware scheduling older SMs countless times. However I cannot get CNUT to even recognize these modules properly enough to load 7.3.6. I've attached screenshots.

Yeah, that's the oldest PMP firmware on an SM I've ever heard of anyone trying to load... sorry I can't help out more, you might need to open a ticket with Cambium support on this one.

For anybody else encountering this problem, I was able to sucessfully update these older SMs by using the following method:

  1. Download and install CNUT 2.2 (installing on Windows XP worked best for me)
  2. Download firmware versions 7.1.4 and 7.3.6
  3. Update the module to firmware version 7.1.4 via CNUT 2.2
  4. Run "Configure Advantage Platform Scheduler" via CNUT 2.2
  5. Load firmware version 7.3.6 into the Advantage Platform Scheduler
  6. Select the "Hardware Scheduling" option in the Advantage Platform Scheduler
  7. Update the module to firmware version 7.3.6 via Advantage Platform Scheduler
  8. Update the module to the latest firmware per usual (13.4.1 at the time of writing) using proper version progression with CNUT 4.9 or the latest release

If anybody needs CNUT 2.2 or older versions of motorola firmware, please message me. I hope distributing these is fine.

Could you please provide the CNUT software version 2.2?