Update on CBRS Outage [August 30th 2020]

Earlier this morning, we were alerted there has been an outage to our CBRS service. This came down to a Century Link transit outage affecting Cloudflare which in turn impacted our CBRS/cnMaestro proxy availability. You can follow the Cloudflare status here: https://www.cloudflarestatus.com (although at the time of writing this post, it shows all system operational). The outage impacted both Google and Federated SAS customers.

The service has been restored and any impacted CBSDs should have gone back to authorized state. We sincerely apologize for the disruption to your network. We will be working with our partners to understand the root cause and working out any potential mitigation plan.

If you are continuing to experience issues, please open a ticket at: https://www.cambiumnetworks.com/support/contact-support/ and we will do our best to assist you.

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Here’s an idea, instead of making the URL for the proxy be sas.cbrs.cambiumnetworks.com, how about (for example) “cbrs.cambiumnetworks-sas.com” or something? With the new domain “cambiumnetworks-sas.com” you can point its whois NS records only at the “incapdns.net” DNS servers where the proxy is housed.

This way we’re not requiring Cloudflare NS to work for cambiumnetworks.com. Who then point it at Amazon Route53 NS for cbrs.cambiumnetworks.com queries, who then in finally turn point to “incapdns.net” for the complete sas.cbrs.cambiumnetworks.com.

Eliminating two of the DNS points of failure would be an optimal thing for redundancy, right? We peer directly with the incapdns folks (same with amazon and cloudflare), but all the peerings we have doesn’t help us connect to the proxy if NS at cloudflare or amazon end up having issues with their portion of the cbrs.cambiumnetworks.com host/domain.

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