Update on cnMaestro Release - 3.0.0 (cnMaestro X) in Cloud

Hi Everyone,

We have pretty much completed the rollout in the APAC/EU region and close to the 50% mark in the US region. We are expecting to complete the rollout by the end of this week (31-Jan).

Here is the link to the release notes:

Many of you have reached out to us to ask why the cnMaestro X trial is activated, even though you never requested it. We had to start the 90-day free trial for all the existing accounts to avoid any sudden interruption to your operations. Most of you have been using X features (marked as Pro in the UI in previous releases). So continue with cnMaestro X experience free of cost for the first 90 days.

In case you decide not to continue with cnMaestro X after the free trial expiry, there is no action needed from your side. The account will be gracefully downgraded to cnMaestro Essentials and will continue to work as a subscription free option.

You have also inquired about the data associated with cnMaestro X features after the free trial expiry.

Once the free trial expires, the account will be gracefully downgraded to cnMaestro Essentials under a data retention period of 90 days. All historical data beyond one week and cnMaestro X specific
configuration will be retained until the data retention period of 90 days, after which it will be deleted. This ensures no data loss related to cnMaestro X features if subscriptions are purchased before the data retention period ends.

Please refer to the below videos to get started with cnMaestro X:

Please refer to the below video to get familiar with the cnMaestro X subscription purchase and activation process:



This is to confirm that we have completed the 3.0.0 rollout. In case you need help with cnMaestro X features or upgrade to cnMaestro X, please refer to the videos mentioned in the post,