Updated SNMP fields for making a cacti graph of frame utilization for PMP450 access points

After seeing the post
I wanted to duplicate the graphs so I looked up all the non-obsolete SNMP fields listed in
that seemed relevant:   radioControlSlots   radioDownlinkPercent   dataSlotDwn   dataSlotUp   numCtrSlot

Unfortunately, none of these fields are active ("No Such Instance currently exists at this OID") in our PMP450 access points (all either "PMP 450m" or "PMP450" with software 16.2).

Does anyone have an SNMP list that is current or have a copy of this type of graph?


Dustin Soodak

I tried to reply to your PM this morning, but for some reason the forum software won't let me reply... so this is what I was going to tell you...

Our network admin grabbed the OID's that we use for the graphs you said you liked... here's what he said...

 I've just sat down and spent a minute parsing through the code to translate these back into standard MIB and OID forms:

$FUulTotal =
 WHISP-APS-MIB::frUtlMedMaxUplinkSlots.0 = .
 CAMBIUM-PMP80211-MIB::ulWLanTotalAvailableFrameTimePerSecond =
 WHISP-APS-MIB::frUtlMedMaxUplinkSlots =

$FUdlTotal =
 WHISP-APS-MIB::frUtlMedMaxDownlinkSlots.0 = .
 CAMBIUM-PMP80211-MIB::dlWLanTotalAvailableFrameTimePerSecond =
 WHISP-APS-MIB::frUtlMedMaxDownlinkSlots = .

$FUulUsed =
 WHISP-APS-MIB::frUtlMedTotalUplinkSlots.0 = .
 CAMBIUM-PMP80211-MIB::ulWLanTotalUsedFrameTimePerSecond =
 WHISP-APS-MIB::frUtlMedTotalUplinkSlots = .

$FUdlUsed =
 WHISP-APS-MIB::frUtlMedTotalDownlinkSlots.0 = .
 CAMBIUM-PMP80211-MIB::dlWLanTotalUsedFrameTimePerSecond =
 WHISP-APS-MIB::frUtlMedTotalDownlinkSlots = .
There are three different MIB/OID per value here, because you have to query different OIDs on different devices to get the same semantic value. Also we're presently sampling the Medium or 5 minute averages.
we get Total and Used (for both up and down) and then divide used into total to get the percentage.
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