Updating E410 to a new image


I noticed a new software versin to my E410 through CnMaestro and I think I'd like to update remotely. How can I do that?

Please, send me steps because I am a novice to it.

Navigate to the AP Group, click on the "APs" tab, them click "AP Software Update" and from there you can choose the APs you want to update and the firmware version.

More detailed information here: https://cnmaestro-help.cloud.cambiumnetworks.com/1.6.2/index.htm#UG_files/Software%20Upgrade/Software_Update.htm?


Thanks Wright-Fi for the reply.

Note, you can also click on the "Networks" table and select the desired point in your device tree hierarchy (i.e. System, Network, Tower or Site, etc).  Whichever point in the hiearchy that you click on, the associated devices will appear on the right.

ScreenHunter_12290 Jul. 12 12.34.jpg


Good to know, thanks Emilio.

Thank you guys!