Updating firmware problems

I updated our AP’s to the latest 8.2 firmware last night. They had 7.3.6 so I applied first then 8.2. Everything went great except for one AP - it was rebooting every hour on the hour afterwards. I noticed during the update it got to the “programming” fase and just sat there. After about 20 minutes I checked the web interface and noticed it still had so I maually rebooted the AP. It came back up with 8.2 and appeared to be fine.

I called Canopy support today and they said to try going back to I just tried to apply and it is doing the same thing (hanging at “programming”). Any thoughts as to what could be the problem? Are any of you experiencing this as well?

Also, I also noticed when I telnet into it it says:

PLD Version: Unable to get PLD version on Platform 9

Thanks in advance.

I have noticed the same symptom… I am only flashing a few of our AP’s at this time, all ones that have easy access, and few customers, and it’s been a mixed bag. Some flash flawlessly, and yet others hang at programming, only to have a manual reboot show them on 8.2. The ones this has happened with though, have been fine… no rebooting every hour, etc. I was able to also flash all SM’s without issue on those that acted odd. I am using CNUT 2.2 (refuse to touch Prizm)…

LP Broadband, Inc.

Our SM’s upgraded fine and are not rebooting. 2 out of the 3 AP’s that were updated are fine as well. It’s this one AP that seems to be a problem.

I wonder if I can downgrade to 7.3.6 from

you might want to include 8.1.4 in the mix just to make sure you aren’t missing something from that build… I have included this and had no problems on the few I have upgraded.

Good luck