Upgrade AP and other SM's from an SM.

I do not have access to the AP for my system (other than via the radio side from behind an SM).

Can I update my AP firmware from an SM? Or do I need to access the AP.

Will I be able to upgrade the AP and do a “warm” boot to run on the new firmware?

Finally, do I really need to upgrade in steps from 7.9 to 9.0?

yes you can upgrade AP and SM’s from an SM using CNUT.
You will have to have CNUT 2.2 and CNUT 3.1
Yes you do have to upgrade in steps some can be skipped but would not recommend it as it can brick the antenna.
Use CNUT 2.2 to upgrade from 7.3.6 (Im assuming thats what you have currently being that this firmware if the highest 7.x firmware (ie. there is no 7.9))

Check AP to make sure it can 8.x and 9.x software as P8 hardware and less do not support 8.x and up.

To check what hardware version it is telnet into AP and issue the ‘ver’ command. The hardware platform number should be 9 or higher to be able to upgrade to 8.x and up.

If you can upgrade AP, make sure to switch scheduling to hardware on the SM’s first then the AP or you will lose connectivity and have to plug directly in to change config back.

Upgrage from 7.3.6-> using CNUT 2.2
then using CNUT 3.1>8.2.7->9.0->9.3

be aware that you do need to have an SM or AP within one year warranty period in order to download new firmware updates.

go here http://www.motowi4solutions.com/software/ for software updates.

Thanks, nucoles, for the info. A very helpful explanation!

You are right, I have 7.2.9, not 7.9.

Luckily I had to replace a faulty SM less than a year ago, so I can get access to the downloads,… hopefully it allows me to download the AP upgrade, too, along with the various versions of the NUT.

Umm… Telnet? Is there a way to tell the version from the web browser interface?

edit: you learn something new every day… I typed “telnet” at the command prompt and whaddaya you know… a whole new world. "o 192.168.1.xx, and then “ver”… and there it is. I like this sort of thing… can I telnet my way through the firmware upgrade, I wonder, intstead of downloadign yet another software to pollute my computer?

Is this going to keep the AP from locking up all the time?

Cnuts the only way to do the upgrades

One thing to take into account on the hardware/software scheduling, remember to change all the SMs to hardware EXCEPT the one you are accessing from, reboot them, then chage the AP, reboot it, then change your SM and reboot it.

I have one SM running 8.x.x, so I had to change to Hardware Scheduling a while back on the whole system. So that shouldn’t be any trouble.

Although, I cannot download older versions of CNUT or from the download site. I guess I’ll google it to see if I can find it.

Anyone have a link? - I tried to find it quickly but was unable to.


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