upgrade force 180 3.5.5

Hi, I need your help. I have a force 180 and I'm not sure if the upgrade to 4.4 was done. According to the text below what version do you have?

Hardware Version
5 GHz Force 180 (ROW)

Software Version

Firmware Version
U-Boot 9342_PX 1.1.4.h (Jan 10 2019 - 17:46:21)

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You have a firmware version 4.4. Firmware version displayed at the bottom is taken from the browser cache and will be updated as soon as you press Ctrl+F5.

Yes, as Andril says, the 3.5.5 text that you’re seeing at the bottom of the screen is old/cached browser content, and if you force your web browser to refresh, that too will get updated.

However, while you are upgrading, I’d take that right to 4.4.1-RC5 if I was you. I know 4.4.1-RC5 is technically a Beta release, but there are some fixes in 4.4.1 which are pretty much mandatory to stop some 4.4 weirdness(es) so that’s what we are deploying in production. :slight_smile: