Upgrade from 4.4 to 4.7 stuck asking to perform device reboot

When attempting to upgrade from 4.4 to 4.7 I keep getting a message to perform device reboot. Which I’ve done but it doesn’t seem to matter. I see in the release notes this is often caused by low memory but when a reboot doesn’t fix that what’s the next course of action? Anyone else seen this?

Basically I can’t upgrade because it keeps asking me to reboot first prior even though I already have.

Is the radio connected to cnMaestro? Have you tried updating through both cnMaestro and manually via the radio’s mgmt gui?

I also assume you’re trying to update to 4.7.1?

No, unfortunately it’s not connected to cnMaestro. We only have the GUI access but yes we are trying to update to 4.7.1.

Not sure if tou got this fixed but we found that once in a while the radios will just get config stuck on upgrade and you have to factory wipe them to fix it. We just download the config off the radio, factory wipe and reload the config and it just works.
Doesnt seem to be a specific firmware or hardware version or upgrade path, just seems to be random.