Upgrade issue for XW devices

Hello. I switched our first test site with 10 Ubiquiti XW devices to ePMP elevate.

For the most part it went well. One MAJOR problem we had though is that we run our CPE in Router mode. After putting on the Elevate software, it stayed in router mode but it had disabled DHCP server and had the wrong IP start and end range there and no DNS entered at all.

To get customers back online, we had to login to each CPE after it was converted to ePMP, and Enable DHCP server and set the IP start/end range and DNS to get it working again.

Is this the expected behavior or can this be fixed?

Thank you

I think it's expected. There are only a few settings that are supposed to be saved, so I've just been restoring a backup with the correct settings to every radio as soon as they're upgraded. Most people are going to be wanting to change things like the WPA2 key anyway, so I don't really see it as a big problem... just one extra step.

Hi Darin,

It is expected behaviour for 3.2&3.2.1 Releases.

Thank you for your feedback, it should be thing we can improve in next releases.

Thank you.