Upgrade Procedure - PTP 550 4.3.x to 4.4.x

Hi all,

I've been unable to find documentation on the upgrade procedures for our PTP 550s. We only have half a dozen, 4 on 4.4.1 and two on I want to upgrade them all to the recommended version, 4.4.3.

I'm assuming that there will be no issue for the 4.4.1 units, but I wanted to confirm the upgrade path for th units. Is it as simple as running the upgrade from cnMaestro, or is there an intermediate SW version we need to get first? I've been unable to find any resources in the Cambium documentation or the forums for upgrade paths, but I'm relatively new here so I might be looking in the wrong places.

HI.  You should encounter no issues from 4.x to any other 4.x  -- none that I'm aware of anyway.