Upgrade PTP Rocket M5 with RocketDish 30

Hello, I have the Link PTP of 30km with Rocket M5 with RocketDish 30 on both sides, i want change only the radios Rocket M5 with EPMP 1000, it is possible , and can i use the poe of ubiquiti, or another, wicht is the volt of working the epmp 1000 if want wotk with solar panel sistem.

I wait yours coments.

Thank you.


in my opinion, 30km... rocketdish.... bad mixture.

i have a link runnig on 21 km , 1 pair of jirous jrc29 duplex...and 2 ubiquiti ac in 40mhz... and results...are regular... sometimes better ...sometimes..links goes down.

what i mean is ... if you have no interferences... good replacement... i have replaced a few days ago a pair of rocket m5 and placed instead a pair of epmp.. results are wonderful.

from a 30/2 mb i have passed to 80/80 with no problems and runs without problems, rockets were going down and dissasociating every day at least 5 times.

but i were you, i will replace first rocket dishes.. tray out performance...and later changing rockets by something better.

hope its helps 


RocketDish 30 is not good antenna, but also it  is not so bad.   Jirous dishes are much better. But all of them - RocketDish, Jirous and others  ( gain >30dBi)  may be used with ePMP Connectorized for links over 20-25 km  instead of Force 25 dBi dish.  Replacement Rocket by ePMP Connectorized ( 100 Mbps ethernet)  or ePMP GPS Sync AP Light ( 1 GB ethernet) always gives  better performance , especially in bad conditions ( interference, nearLOS...).

UBNT POE can not be used directly with ePMP Connectorized. UBNT  48 VDC POE   damages ePMP Connectorized/Integrated  2.4 GHz ( it's  max limit is 30V ) . 24VDC PoE may be used  with ePMP Connectorized/Integrated, but  it requires  reverse pin  polarity. UBNT 48 VDC PoE ( also  48V 802.3af ) can be used with ePMP GPS Sync with any polarity.  

5 GHz: STA, AP: 22V-56V  . But  pay attention, that аcccording User Giude  STA  INPUT VOLTAGE   24-30V

2.4GHz: AP: 22V-56V
2.4GHz: STA: 10V-30V

Cambium PoE (V+ = pins 7 & 8, Return = pins 4 & 5).