Upgrade xd2-230 and move to cnmaestro questions


I have an xd2-230 with aos 8.4.x I would like to use this ap with cnmaestro. What is the upgrade path ?

Looking at this page Cambium Network Xirrus XD2-230 Indoor Access Points | SmartWifiWorks.com

1 Year Premium Software Support for ArrayOS for XD2 APs = USD 39

Cambium Care Advanced, 1-year support for one XD2-230 Wireless AP. 24x7 TAC support, SW updates, and NBD advance replacement for HW = USD 30

Cambium Care Pro, 1-year support for one XD2-230 Wireless AP. 24x7 TAC support and SW updates = USD 21

Which license to buy to upgrade to AOS 8.7 ?

Second is a cnmaestro X license needed to onboard it into cnmaestro cloud or can the free tier be used ?


Hello Pierre,

The Xirrus XD2 AP can be onboarded and managed by cnMaestro X (which will require a subscription), but not cnMaestro Essentials (Free version). The AP will require AOS version 8.7 or newer.

When you purchase the cnMaestro X subscription, the subscription includes our Cambium Care Pro service package which will allow you to upgrade the AP OS.

The SKU used to order a one-year subscription is: MSX-SUB-T13-1.