Upgraded to 1.2.1, can no longer ping remote units

Title says it all, thought I would give these units one more chance as the firmware matures. Links are all showing as online but not passing any traffic, cannot ping remote units, and nothing beyond remote units. Using layer 2 bridging with an onboard e2e controller…
Any help?

edit to add… am currently logged in to the PoP dn5000 which is the e2e controller,… It is telling me that the node I am logged in to is offline??? Getting frustrated over here!

edit again… Got everything back up, all I had to do was wipe all of the units and start from scratch, rebuilding the onboard e2e controller. Good thing this was in a test lab and not up on a tower!!! I would recommend never upgrading if you have a working system as it has broken my links every time.

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