V1000 always in "Offline" state

@pboynton Hello,

New to cnWave and wondering if I could get some help since this is the closest thread to my problem.

Simple lab setup:

  1. v5k configured as PoP DN with on-board E2E
  2. v1k configured as CN
  3. v5k status is online initiator
  4. A link is established between the v5k and v1k

Layer 2 bridging is OFF.

My issue is that I cannot get the v1k to show up as ‘online’, always in ‘offline’ state.

Let me know if you have ideas. Thank you.

Could you please share field diags of POP and CN.

Field Diagnostics in cnWave describes the steps.

Its will be ~ 20 MB size.

@Kiran_Avva Thanks for your reply. I was able to fix this problem which was due to incorrect IPv6 routing to the CN.


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