Upgrading 450i to 14.2 causes it to initially Freeze?

Interesting observation...

Whenever we upgrade a 450i AP to 14.2 firmware it does not come back from reboot during the upgrade process

We have to go into the CMM and manually powercycle the port, then pray, and wait for it to return.

At first we thought it was an anomaly, then a quiescence, but now it looks like a patternĀ 

Has anyone else experienced this with 14.2 and the 450i APs?

Is this something that we only need to be concerned about during the initial upgrade?


Could you please try the latest NetworkUpdater release 4.10 and check if you still see the same issue while upgarding.

Incase if the issue still perists, please send us an email to support@cambiumnetworks.com and we will contact you.


Hardik Patel