Upgrading APs from 8.1.4 to stuck on Programming?

CNUT 2.2 gets stuck on “Programming” for us when upgrading AP’s from 8.1.4 to

The AP then needs to be manualy rebooted to get it to show on the AP screen and to refresh as in CNUT.

SM’s work just fine with the upgrade apparently with this system.

Anyone else seen this?

I’m hoping it isn’t just us…

You’re not alone. I had the same issue with the AP but the SMs update fine.

Happened same as sterling to me.
But seems to be worlinkg fine, again trying to have everything on the same sw version(except for BH)

I think this is an issue with CNUT 2.2. Same things happen when I upgrade from 7.2.9 to 7.3.6.