Upgrading Canopy Firmware

I have a network with APs running v 4.2.1, SMs running v4.1 and v4.2.1 and a backhaul with v4.1.4. Should I upgrade to 7.2.1? If so, what order should I upgrade – SMs, then APs, then Backhauls or the other way around?


Would recomend upgrading, going to 4.2.3, then to 6.1, then 7.07 and so on

Can I just upgrade straight to 7.2.1 on all everything? Does is matter what I upgrade first between SMs, APs, and Backhauls?


You can not go from 4.1 to anything but 4.2.3. At least that is what I was told when I was doing my system. For backhauls, always do the furthest end first. Then if it doesn’t come back you can upgrade the close BH and should regain connectivity. Upgrade the AP first and then the SM’s. I have my AP at 7.2.9 and have a mix of SM’s that still need to be upgraded, but they all still work.

Will the Canopy Updater Tool automatically do the incremental upgrades or do I need to specify? In other words, will the tool automatically do the 4.1 to 4.2.3, then to 7.2.1?


I have never tried this. But I do not believe it will. HOWEVER, when you go to “Manage packages” you can select more than one package to use. If you select 4.2.3, 6.1, 7.07, etc, will it start with 4.2.3 and finish with 7?

I’ve never tried that either. Kind of afraid to, don’t want to screw up any of my radios. You should defintely upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2.3 first then try to go to 7.2.9.

I’m fairly sure I saw some where in this forum you could upgrade in leaps and bounds once you are using Software Boot Version: CANOPYBOOT 3.0…