Upgrading CMM3 to 3.1 release gives error.

Issue Brief:-
Upgrading CMM3 via CNUT to 3.1 release gives error and not able to upgrade.

Problem Root Cause:-
The Full Access Password not set can cause issue.

In order to resolve this first configure CMM3 with IP and same range on PC connected directly to CMM3.Then set the "Full access password" as 123456 for the hidden user account "root"-->Save and rebooted the CMM3.In CNUT, add the CMM3 IP in with the user name ‘’root’’ and password as 123456 and SNMP string configured.Now, we should be able to upgrade the CMM3 to 3.1 release successfully.

Deepesh Chandra Sharma.
Technical Specialist-L3 Networks.
Cisco Certified Network Professional.
Cambium Certified over PMP/PTP/ePMP.

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